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Get Fingerprinted for Florida – Only $24.99 before fees!

How It Works

1 Register Online

Enter personal and payment information using our online portal. Your registration will be saved and accessible from any of our fingerprinting locations. You’re probably within a 30-minute drive of one of them!

2 Capture Fingerprints

Head to your nearest Sterling Identity Network location to access your registration, and follow the on-screen instructions. A trained fingerprint technician will help capture your fingerprints.

3 Submit Your Prints

We submit your fingerprints to the state immediately, so you get the fastest results possible. Simple, convenient, safe.

Learn more about sending your fingerprints to AHCA, FDLE, and VECHS agencies.



You can find a location within 30 minutes of most cities in Florida, so we’re easy to find no matter where you are.

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Identification Documents

We’ve assembled a handy list of the things you’ll need when you get fingerprints taken.

Our list of acceptable ID documents


Fingerprinting can be weird, but our FAQs help.

Click here to view our FAQs

Submitting Your Fingerprints is Fast and Easy!